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WiFi Analyzer: Internet Speed Test & Signal Meter v1.2.3+f4fc84b (Mod) Apk

WiFi Network Analyzer is an ideal friend for detecting all network devices connected via wifi or VPN. It checks the vendor name, IP and MAC addresses of all the devices on the network, it gives you the option of testing pingability accompanied by ping statistics updated in real time, it gathers the geolocation data of the devices, it works as a port scanner and network diagnostic tool and more.

The free version gives you an overview of all the essential information about your connection, network and mobile phone.
After purchasing the full version, you will have access to additional features: LAN scan, Speed ​​Test, port scanner and Whois.



– Fast and reliable detection of all network devices (wifi & VPN).
– Vendor name, IP and MAC addresses of all devices found.
– NetBIOS, mDNS (hello), LLMNR and DNS name where available.
– Pingability test of the devices found.
– Wake on.

LAN (WOL) including remote WOL.
– Scan of custom IP ranges.
– Possibility to configure a personalized device name.

– Round trip delay including the IP address and hostname of each node in the network. • Geolocation data including latitude, longitude, country, city and time zone.
– AS number and network name information.
– Full visualization of traceroute on the map.
– Ping graphical statistics updated in real time.

– Fast and adaptive algorithm to scan the most common ports or user specified port ranges.
– Detection of closed, masked and open ports.

– Whois of domains, IP addresses and AS numbers.

– Functionality similar to nslookup or dig.

– Default gateway, external IP, DNS server.
– Information on the Wifi network such as SSID, BSSID, IP address and subnet mask.
– Information on cellular networks (3G, LTE) such as IP address, Internet service provider, MCC, MNC.
– Monitor of wifi, cell and VPN data usage (data sent and received since the last start).

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