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WinZip Zip UnZip Tool v7.1.1 (Premium)

◉ Premium Features Unlocked

Get the world’s # 1 zip file opener on Android! Create Zip and Zipx files, extract files, encrypt, open zip files, send large files via email, share to clouds.

Whether you receive a zip file as an email attachment or want to extract and view the contents of a zip file from the web, all you need to do is “Open with WinZip”. File sharing is also safe and easy, with direct integration with multiple clouds.

WinZip makes it easy to manage major types of compressed files on your Android device!

Now you can:

– Connect directly to your cloud accounts to compress, decompress and share files
– Compress your cloud storage files, unzip files in your accounts, and create and save .zip and .zipx files in your accounts
– Protect your files before saving and sharing with powerful 128 or 256 bit AES encryption
– Open and save email attachments to your connected cloud storage accounts
– Easily view all images in a Zip file with the improved image viewer
– Browse your photo album and easily select, zip and share photo collections

– Unzip and view the most common file types including: .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx, .pdf, .jpg, .png, .bmp, .gif, .tif, etc.
– Send or copy links to your files in your cloud storage accounts
– Copy files from your cloud storage accounts and save them to your device
– Unzip major types of compressed files with just one click
– Choose Zip or Zipx format to compress and email large files, photos and videos with ease
– Compress and share photos and videos from your device
– Use WinZip to access music files on your device and save them to your cloud accounts

Notes: these features are Premium only:

– Create and protect Zip and Zipx files with AES 128 and 256 bit encryption
– Direct integration of multiple cloud storage

WinZip for Android allows you to open other popular file types in third-party applications:

– Word documents (.doc, .docx)
– Excel spreadsheets (.xls, .xlsx)
– PowerPoint presentations (.ppt, .pptx)
– PDF files (.pdf)

WinZip for Android lets you view:

– Photos and images (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp, .gif)
– Text files (.rtf, .csv, .txt, .ini, .inf, .bat, .js, .log, .xml, .css, .java, .cs, .h, .m, .cpp,. c, .sql,. properties)
– Web files (htm, .html, .jsp, .asp)
– Apk files (.apk)
– Comic book files (.cbz)

Compatible with Android operating systems from 4.0 to Android 11.0.

WinZip for Android is now available as a free application in English.


Q1: I have used WinZip to password protect a file folder, but the file list can still be viewed. Why?
A1: Even if the files or folder are encrypted, the file names can still be displayed (but not the contents of the file). For this reason, we recommend that you avoid using confidential information in file or folder names. For example, avoid using account numbers or identifying numbers (such as a social insurance number) in file or folder names.

Q2: I am using WinZip to compress the JPEG files, but the size hasn’t changed much. Why?
A2: In order to compress your photos as much as possible, without any loss of photo quality, in the application settings, choose Zipx (best method). This compression method examines each file and selects the compression option most likely to provide the best compression results.


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