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Drag Racing v2.0.40 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Description of the application

Discover the benchmark of drag games, a pure concentrate of adrenaline that has already conquered more than 100,000,000 players around the world! Drive, modify, improve and customize over 50 unique car styles from Europe, Japan or the United States!

With our new unlimited vehicle customization options, impose your style on any terrain! Challenge other players online 1 on 1, take control of your opponent’s cars, or take part in real-time 10-driver races in the Pro League!

Collect unique stickers and paint styles designed exclusively by our partners at CIAY Studio and Sumo Fish, and turn your favorite cars into true works of art.
The only limit of your creations is your imagination, so take advantage of the countless customization options to impose your style!

Think driving in a straight line is easy? So try to find the perfect balance between power and grip while staying in your category! Equip your car with a nitrogen charge, but don’t trigger your turbo too early. Always go further in your settings and adjust your gears to save precious milliseconds. Think you can beat the world record or win 10 tournaments in a row? Prove it !

Hungry for new challenges? Then discover the multiplayer mode! Face off against your friends or players from around the world and beat them behind the wheel of their own cars, or compete against 9 players simultaneously in real-time races. Join a team to discuss your settings, your racing strategies and, of course, brag about your achievements!

– Drag Racing: Bike Edition, the long-awaited expansion of the game, with 17 sportbikes, new game modes, tons of improvements … and wheelies!

0. Game update
– Your cars and your money are saved on your device. NEVER uninstall the game before updating it or you will lose ALL your data.

1. Drive
– Start and shift gears when the indicator light on the instrument panel turns blue or green.
– If you skate too much, you won’t move forward. Watch the amber light on your dashboard.
– When you have learned to drive, ignore the sighted ones and establish your own winning strategy.
– Nitro is more effective in low power cars with good grip. It’s all about timing.

2. Cars and upgrades
– Test a car before you buy it!
– The more expensive your car, the tougher your opponents will be, whether online or offline.
– Upgrades increase the total cost of your car, not tuning.
– Keep the price of your car below the level cap to gain an advantage.
– Adjusting your gears (Garage -> Improvement -> Tuning) costs money, but allows you to achieve inaccessible times with the default settings of your car.

3. Game modes and winnings
– Compete against newbie / hobbyist AI drivers to earn quick cash and build your car.
– Beat bosses and earn rewards to earn more PR.
– Challenge other players online to earn maximum cash and PR!
– If your car is not up to online racing, earn money in “Driver Fight”.
– Do you always want more ? So face the greatest players in the Pro League!

4. Miscellaneous
– Like to benefit from all the news and strategies!
Drag Racing Website: https://dragracingclassic.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DragRacingGame
Twitter: http://twitter.com/DragRacingGame
Instagram: http://instagram.com/dragracinggame



  •  Large amount of money and RP.

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