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Easy Poser v1.5.32 Mod Apk

Easy Pose is a human body pose app for people who draw or learning to draw. Have you ever wanted a custom template to show off various poses when doing animation drawings, illustrations, or sketches? Easy Pose was developed for these people. Different angles of different poses can be inspected. Now you no longer need to draw with a wooden doll or figurine. Even yoga or exercises can be controlled from different angles.

1. Sensitive Operation – Easy Pose provides incredibly gentle control of the main joints. It provides several functions previously unavailable in other pose applications, such as highlighting moving parts, initializing joints and handling state, and finding a symmetrical pose with the mirroring function. Experience more convenient controls than with a mouse.

2. Comic book style models – Previous pose apps had a lot of lifelike men and women with an eight head ratio, which made her unsuitable for animation, webtoon, or game illustrations. Easy Pose is prepared with models with different body types.

3. Multi-model control – A scene can be created with a maximum of 6 people at a time! It is now possible to make a scene of a footballer avoiding a tackle or a couple holding hands and dancing.

4. Dozens of poses already completed. The poses that are often used are already done. About 60 poses have been prepared and will be regularly updated.

5. Other characteristics

– Sensitive light expression using direct and backlight settings
– Able to observe various poses from different angles
– Realistic shadows such as model shadows cast on other models
– Able to change the angle of view (possible to use an exaggerated vanishing point such as a panorama)
– Provides a wireframe mode that allows you to plot models
– Able to download templates without background in clear PNG background.
– Automatic backup, which secures every device error.
– Able to easily control hand movements.

6. Functions provided in the free version

– The model can be controlled freely.
– Moods can be freely controlled by controlling the angle of the light.
– Able to save the image as PNG. Use it when using Easy Pose with another program to draw!
– A scene can be made by freely controlling the distance of the camera

7. Paid version upgrade service

– Completed poses can be saved and recalled.
– A woman (normal), a woman (small), a man (small) is supplied with a model other than the original one.
– Several models can be displayed at the same time.
– There are no announcements.
– All “completed poses” can be used.

** Since the data is not saved on the server, when you delete an app, the saved data is also deleted.

** Easy Pose versions of Google Play and Apple App Store are not compatible. If the user buys the items in the Easy Pose Android version, it cannot be used in the Easy Pose ios version.

** If certification fails, please follow the instructions below.

1) Open the phone and go to Settings-apps-Easy Pose-permissions.
2) Check if Contacts permission is enabled and check if they are not allowed.
3) Perform the easy installation, then tap the certification menu on the app start screen.

** The rights required by Easy Pose are as follows.

1) Contacts: This is the privilege required to access the Easy Pose server using your Google Play Game account. If you do not use this feature, please decline. There is no problem using the app.
2) Storage capacity: authorization required to save a pose created by Easy Pose as an image file in the smartphone gallery. If you do not use the save as PNG image function, please refuse. There is no problem using the app.

** If the item you purchased does not apply to Easy Pose, please send us your User ID and receipt. If you don’t have a receipt, please send your purchase history.



– The full version is open.
– Opened fantasy package.
– Opened a package of modern weapons.
– Open equestrian package.
– The dragon model is open.

!!! Apk and cache are placed in the installer.

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